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Dear Customers & Friends,

After almost ten years, we have decided to close the Geneva Kayak Center. Life changes have lead to this this decision and as is said…there is an end to everything, good things as well.

We want to thank you for your patronage of the center – we have many fond memories of great adventures with you. We will cherish the countless hours on the water with you, times we spent sitting around a campfire and Saturday morning conversations at Kayak & Coffee. Over the years, we paddled with you on the Fox River, Lakes Michigan and Superior, and in Alaska, Georgia, Mexico, Greece and the UK. We will always take pride in introducing countless people to kayaking and helping people find joy in spending time on the water. Numerous friendships (and even one marriage we know of) were started through the center. We’ve seen customers go from new paddlers to excellent instructors and top notch kayakers.

Thank you for being a part of the Geneva Kayak Center. We would not have been able to share these moments were it not for you.

Sincerely, Ryan Rushton
Co-Owner and Operator – Geneva Kayak Center

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