Geneva Kayak Center

Sea Kayaking UK Expedition Center


Geneva Kayak is proud to be recognized as a Sea Kayaking UK Expedition Center. World-reknown boat builder, coach and expedition paddler Nigel Dennis, has built a network of the best sea kayaking operations around the world to provide top level coaching and paddling programs. "Expedition Centres around the world are for adventure-seeking kayakers who would like a guided expedition in some of the best paddling locations in the world. Kayakers using these Centres can be sure to get the quality and reliability of kayaks from Sea Kayaking UK and a high standard of leadership and coaching from the staff" - Sea Kayaking UK website.

Why Geneva Kayak?
Geneva is recognized as a leader in the field of sea kayaking. In addition to be recognized internationally as a SKUK Expedition Center, we are also an American Canoe Association Pro School and have top level coaches on our staff with both ACA and BCU certifications.GKC's Paddling Adventures are a great way to discover the majesty and beauty of the sea both in the Great Lakes area as well as on the coasts and internationally.

Our Paddling Experiences
We love seeing paddlers come back for new experiences year after year. It's rewarding to see a kayaker who gets their first experience with tides and swell in Cumberland Island join us for an Alaska Expedition in advanced waters years later. It's exciting to see the joy in a paddlers face as they experience paddling into sea caves for the first time, knowing they'be been converted into a sea kayaker! Seeing those who you've lead on previous expeditions now taking leadership, utilizing seamanship and boat handling skills learned over the years and applying them to a new environment. More than a "guided" trip, our paddling adventures are designed to improve the whole paddler, from technical boat handling and rescue skills to navigation and leadership.
Destinations at all Levels
Geneva is travelling to the best sea kayaking locations throughout the country and world. Beginners can choose from the same amazing destinations as the advanced. Intermediate and advanced destinations are specifically chosen to provide learning experiences in open water and tidal environments.