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One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Where do you guys go on your trips?” The answer is “wherever it’s beautiful and challenging to paddle.” Geneva Kayak is traveling with paddlers of all ability levels to the far-flung corners of the world, from spectacular distant locations such as Alaska, Baja, Greece and Wales to local favorites such as the Apostle Islands and Door County. Geneva Kayak’s paddling destinations are selected for their spectacular scenery and ideal paddling conditions.

Adventure Paddling trips are lead by our most experienced coaches. These coaches not only have intimate knowledge of the destination, they are also seasoned paddlers and instructors that are ready to make your trip the adventure of a lifetime! We have a trip designed for you, no matter your previous kayaking experience. All the details, big and small, have been taken care of by the Geneva Kayak Center; all that’s left is for you to join us. Check out our spectacular paddling adventures, or maybe you’re dreaming of a trip and are looking for excellent leadership to a destination we don’t offer; give us a call and we’ll try to make it happen.

Read more about our different styles of trips! We offer Inn Trips, Expeditionary Trips, and Custom Trips


Snow Train & Canadian Backcountry Lodge-Based
Available as a Custom Trip
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Frozen Sea Cave & Waterfall Snowshoe Tour Inn-Based Trip
February 2-5, 2012
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Porcupine Mountains Yurt-to-Yurt Snowshoe
February 15-20, 2012
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Porcupine Mountains Backcountry Snowshoe
January 31-February 5, 2012
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Does one of our Inn Trips or Expeditionary trips look like a great experience, but the dates or particulars of the trip do not work for you? Or maybe these trips look so great that you want your family, friends, youth group or organization to experience one of them all to yourself?
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