Geneva Kayak Center


Geneva Kayak Center offers a full range of kayaking and canoeing courses... from beginners wondering if the sport is for them to novices learning effective strokes; from intermediate paddlers aspiring to develop seamanship and rough water handling skills to advanced paddlers seeking awards and coaching certifications. We offer a complete range of instruction, awards and certification in the sport of paddling through the ACA and BCU We also offer supplemental courses such as beginner and advanced rough water, roll classes, pool sessions and clinics covering different aspects of the sport. Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten what paddling is supposed to be about — FUN! Our courses reflect that.

Our coaches love to paddle and hope to open up the world of kayaking and canoeing to you! Holding both American Canoe Association (ACA) and British Canoe Union (BCU) certifications, these coaches use innovative and fun methods of learning in our training offerings. Many of our coaches are regarded as the best in the area and are published in magazines such as Sea Kayaker and Adventure Kayak.They care about your learning progression and safety and will help you have fun out on the water!


Our most popular class, designed for the novice who is interested in kayaking but has limited or no experience in a boat.

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