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BCU (British Canoe Union)

The BCU is an internationally recognized system of trainings and assessments designed to assist the paddler in his/her progression from novice to advanced, or any level in between. The descriptions below include what is taught during training. These same skills are what the assessor is looking for each participant to have knowledge and skill of during an assessment. The following levels indicate an increasing level of skill, knowledge, seamanship, and sea kayaking experience.

BCU 2 Star Training & Assessment

Want to see how much you’ve learned and progressed with your paddling? The BCU 2 Star Assessment is a fun and relaxed day of paddling, in which you’ll receive feedback on how your skills compare to the BCU 2 Star standard and tips on how to improve! This assessment is for the new (as of 2008) BCU 2 Star award. The new 2 Star Award is a general paddlesports award in which candidates are assessed on fundamental flat water skills in both a canoe and kayak. The assessment can be taken in any style of canoe or kayak including sit-on-tops, canoes, recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks, and sea kayaks.
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BCU Foundation Safety & Rescue Training

This full day class, held in sheltered water, will introduce you to a wide range of deep-water rescue techniques for solo and group paddlers in both canoes and kayaks. You will learn and practice numerous self-rescue techniques. We will also cover assisted rescues involving two or more paddlers, including those dealing with injured or incapacitated paddlers. We will refine assisted rescues and show how they can be applied to different kinds of kayaks, such as tandems or those without bulkheads. We will also cover a variety of swimmer rescues, contact tows, and teach the proper use of tow lines and various methods of solo and assisted towing. A key element of the class will be discovering the advantages and limitations of a variety of paddle craft in rescue situations.
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BCU 3 Star Training & Assessment

Geneva Kayak’s BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak Training is the most comprehensive intermediate sea kayak training available between the coasts! This course is the new (2008) BCU 3 Star, and bridges the gap between the former three star and four star awards.
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BCU 4 Star Sea Leader Training

The new (as of 2008) BCU 4 Star Sea Leader Training is designed for candidates that are looking to develop the personal skill and leadership ability to lead small groups on short journeys in a coastal environment with winds not exceeding Force 4, a Sea State 4 and moderate tidal waters. This weekend long training given by the Geneva Kayak Center, focuses on personal skills and training leaders in judging the conditions and standard of the group and making appropriate decisions about the planned route along with the need to modify plans as required. The 4 Star award is a leadership award and not a coaching award.
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Photo courtesy of Lori Donovan