Geneva Kayak Center


GKC Intro to KayakING

This is our most popular class, designed for the novice who is interested in kayaking but has limited or no experience in a boat. This class covers basic strokes and safety for kayakers on calm water. After this course, paddlers should feel comfortable paddling a kayak on smaller bodies of water such as flatwater rivers, small lakes and ponds. This class is a prerequisite for renting a kayak from Geneva Kayak Center if the paddler has limited experience. This course can be taken in a recreational kayak, touring kayak. or whitewater kayak.

Course Location: GKC Yorkville Outdoor Center
Cost: 54.00 Per Person
Length: 2.5 Hours
Includes: Kayak, Paddle & PFD

Skills Covered:
  • Parts of Kayak, Paddle and other Kayaking Equipment
  • On Water Safety
  • Launching/Landing
  • Forward/Reverse Sweep
  • Forward Stroke
  • Reverse Stroke
  • Stopping

Dates: --Every Sunday at 1PM from May to September and every Thursday from June through August at 6PM.*

Location: GKC Yorkville Outdoor Center

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