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The Windy City Kayak Symposium, held June 4-7, 2009, is a weekend-long sea kayaking event with on-water courses, kayak tours, on-land workshops and fun social events for paddlers of all ages and paddling experience. The Symposium is located at Illinois Beach State Park on beautiful Lake Michigan, north of Chicago.

Whether you’ve traveled to other symposia or you haven’t been to a sea kayaking symposium before, they are wonderful events filled with fun activities, great people and excellent opportunities for learning or furthering your skills in the sport of sea kayaking. While all symposia have their own “flavor”, we focus our efforts on bringing in some of the best sea kayaking coaches in the world! In addition to the on-water courses you can take, the on-land workshops and presentations are not to be missed and include a Coast Guard Rescue, Flare Shoot-off and presentations on paddling destinations world-wide. We feel that the quality of coaching and knowledge of the experts that we bring in ensure a high quality experience for all participants, and sets us apart from other events.

The Windy City Kayak Symposium is also unique in that it is the world’s only sea kayaking symposium held in the middle of a major metropolitan city! In addition to our amazing Kayak Tours that give you great views of the city, our unqiue symposium social events take advantage of the location. From early morning events like “Breakfast with the Coaches” and the “Morning Yoga Warm-Up” to “Skyline Night Paddle” and social dinners, all symposium events are inclusive in the price.

Sea Kayaking’s leading manufacturers, local retailers and outfitters will also have booths set up for you to check out the latest gear at our demo beach area. The beach will be lined with tents and booths for your to check out, and paddle with, the latest gear!!

Stay tuned for details of the 2011 symposium.